sewing through (unintentional) weightloss

by Charlotte

I’ve been unwillingly unplugged for the past few days.  Little computer, spotty telephone.  It’s been kind of blissful.  I’m rather not looking forward to Monday, if we’re being honest.  I watched a movie, I finally gathered the energy to start a book I’ve been putting off for half a decade (literally), I sat in cafes, and lingered in the bookstore for a little too long.  All good.  I have not sewed.  Why, you ask?  Well, in my special January rash of resolution attacking, I’ve come to a startling conclusion.  I’ve lost weight.  Well, actually, if we’re getting really technical, I’ve lost volume, as I generally don’t weigh myself.  We saw it with the Colette Chantilly muslin I cut out in August but a little less so with November’s Simplicity 1873.  I figured: whatever, different patterns, experimental seam allowances, all that jazz.  Then I assembled my UFOs.  Oy.

8723 front

No, Virginia, your photographer and/or tripod should not be shorter than you are. Also, I have Disney villain eyebrows from this angle.

Behold!  Vogue 8723.  I muslined it.  I adjusted the fit within an inch of its life, and now, no dice.  You can’t tell from the photograph, but the bodice is actually quite big.  I’m fairly certain I could fit a honey-baked ham in the back area.  (No flattering photographs that exhibit the problem, and no photographic assistance until tomorrow.)  It seems that I have to reduce the back bodice piece and do something (anything!) to the shoulder area.  I’m not quite sure what to do about length.  Since my shoulder area shrank, the whole thing just kind of falls.  Isn’t the fabric just the sunniest?  I’m loving the full, gathered skirt.

2444 full on

This is a Frankensteined Simplicity 2444 and 2215 (bodice and skirt, respectively).  The fabric is Nani Iro Saaaa Saaa and, if we’re being honest, a real bitch.  (I use the term bitch in the most pro-woman, progressive, Gloria Steinem manner, bien sûr.)  It doesn’t take well to seam ripping or ironing or interfacing or second glances.  I’ve actually done extensive alterations on this guy, as I think it has the potential for pretty.  I put darts on either side of the back seam, took five inches out of the center back, and two out of the sides.  I’ve ripped out and replaced the facings with a lighter weight cotton (double gauze: so pretty, so fickle).

2444 back

Let’s pretend I didn’t put that bubble there because I think that elbows are weird-looking. (Psst: Elbows are weird-looking.)

I’m beginning to think that the best solution here is to wear a cardigan.  Also, the darts are totally even in real life.  Gah!

Anyway, I like to pretend that I’m too cool to care about losing or gaining weight intentionally, so I have no idea how to plan for this sort of thing.  I’m set to do a mud run in June (which apparently requires training, eye roll), but there’s a new brisket place in town.  I’m back in New York so I walk everywhere, but everywhere usually means Shake Shack.  Here are my thoughts (ETA: for all makes from here on out):

1. Shirring!  Shirring would work, and I would have to spend less time fussing with grading.

2. One-inch (or more!) seam allowances.

3. Big old hems.

Our last Charlotte-photo post had an outtake picture.  So how about we go for another?

OuttakeAll of the real outtakes were on the scary side of hideous, so how about we talk about the fact that every time I try to take a photograph of myself I end up looking like a blow-up doll.  Surely there is some sort of cure for this.

Let’s have an excellent week, reader.