so this is the problem with the internet age. also, me me me me me.

I apparently only like three colors: blue, yellow and gray.  Pinterest told me so, so it’s basically true.  Sarai has started a great conversation over at the Coletterie about Pinterest and consumerism and all that jazz.  (Go read it here.)  I have a board where I pin things that I’d like to spend four months agonizing about buying.  Naturally, it’s called “Not Buying This.”  Here’s a peek:

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 1.58.34 AM

The color!  The variety!  I know; I find it stunning, too.  I suppose I appreciate Pinterest as kind of an anthropological document.  I like knowing what I liked seventeen weeks ago and separating the fleeting interests from the long-term infatuations.  Embarrassingly, I could totally spend the evening going through someone’s pins in time order imagining what they must have been thinking that time they posted twelve healthy living recipes or all of those redecorated living rooms.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 1.59.21 AM

What a shock!  I like scarves and shoes and sweaters, with the occasional stud.  I’ve been trying to talk myself into a pair of lace-up something-or-others, but have  yet to take the plunge.  (Not sure how well I wear the Manic Pixie Dream Girl uniform.)  Let’s compare this to my fabric pinboard:

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 2.25.31 AM

A riot of color!  Well, not quite.  Now I’m going to think about why my fabric selections are more adventurous than my wardrobe selections.  Even when I leaf through my sewing and outfit inspiration boards I get the same neutral loop.  With fabrics, the color spectrum is expanded, but I tend to stick to florals and classical designs.  Ponder.

I wonder if someone can get some sort of “What does your Pinterest account say about you?” app doohickey going.  Perhaps this is something we’ll just reserve for therapy and blog posts, yes?

The next post will have an actual dress in it, showcased on my actual body.  I had to give my mum time to recover from the last post’s photos.  (Her: [gasp of horror] Bunny, you have to take that last picture down.  Please, I’m begging you.  Me: [cackling]  Granted, my lack of shame probably means I will never have a real job or date ever again, but who needs one of those anyway?) (Oh, parentheses.  I just can’t quit you (all).)

What do you think Pinterest account says about you?  Does it say anything?  Am I just an insomniac mining for content?  Don’t answer that.


8 thoughts on “so this is the problem with the internet age. also, me me me me me.”

  1. I’ve noticed the same thing in regard to my taste in clothing and my taste in fabric.

    I like to wear a lot of neutrals and warm pinks. I feel good in black, ivory, camel, grey, navy, and a bit of coral thrown in. I do like florals too.

    But when shopping for fabric, I’m often drawn to bolder prints and brighter colors. I think it’s because when you’re shopping for fabric, your main deciding criteria are color and print. It takes more effort to actually visualize it in the context of a garment.

    Great post, I want to write about this myself now!

    1. Aw, thanks.

      So true about fabric shopping. I do notice that a lot of what I make falls within the same parameters as what I buy; whereas my stash fabric is all very bold and colorful.

      Do write about it! I’d be so interested in hearing your take and reading the comments.

  2. I suffer from exactly the same problem. My Pinterest boards are full of block colours with cool texture/trim and yet my fabric stash is our of control prints. I’m forcing myself into buying block colours this year but trying to sass them up where I can. By the way- you’ve got some rad grey finds in there!

    1. Thanks, you.

      With me, I just hate buying solid-color fabric. With prints, I usually have to grab them quickly before they’re gone. Even when the fabric is exquisite, I can’t quite bring myself to pull the trigger if there’s not a print or texture. When will I not be able to find gray cotton-silk voile, for instance? Then, I sew what I stash, and end up with the wardrobe of Carmen Miranda.

  3. Hello! Maybe it’s that you like lines and enclosed shapes /to a certain extent/, so with a flat, uncut fabric there needs to be some kind of print to give it visual interest? Whereas with clothes you already have the silhouette/seams/etc breaking up the fabric and adding visual “busy-ness”, so you never feel the same pull toward, say, printed dresses.


    Haha, as a non-Pinterester /and/ as someone who always goes for neutral coloured fabrics (my last purchase was a heavy grey jersey and a drapey, silky white knit) I can’t really offer insight here. Just wanted to say I enjoy your posts! (Got here from the discussion around Sarai’s original post, which I have been following obsessively for some reason.)

    1. That’s such an interesting take. I never thought out it that way. Hmm.

      The comments on that post are addictive, are they not? I have a mild obsession with hearing about why people buy what they buy, priorities, and the influence of the Internet and all that jazz; the comments are a goldmine.

      So glad you like things around these parts. I just flipped over to your blog, which looks fabulous. Thanks for stopping by!

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