bare ne-cess-ities

Do you know Lisa Borgnes Giramonti’s A Bloomsbury Life?  I could practically live in it.  I find myself frequently (shamelessly) reading through her archives, again and again.

A view of LBG's house (and my favorite Clarence House wallpaper of all time), via Apartment Therapy
A snippet from LBG’s house (and my favorite Clarence House wallpaper of all time), via Apartment Therapy

The blog does a lot of things, but I think that it mostly makes me want to live well, and prompts me to think about what that really means to me.  Last night, in a fit of procrastination, I stumbled across this bit from LBG’s tea with David Netto last March:

What are your necessities?
I like the signifiers of an orderly life, none of which my wife Liz is the least bit interested in. It’s important for me to have lightbulbs in the house. And postage stamps. And pens and pads of paper. One of the nicest things she did for me recently was to go out and buy a whole mess of the exact same kind of pen — Papermate Flair felt tip — and put them in a big cup for me.

When I was twenty, I had this awesome Sarah Lawrence slob roommate.We lived in a tenement in the East Village in the same apartment where Larry Clark filmed “Kids.” I was in architecture school in Cambridge so I was only there about a week a month and I said to her, “Look, I’ll pay for 2/3 of the rent and I’ll hire a maid twice a week. In return, I would like to you to do one thing for me. Get my mail and stack it on this silver tray so it’s all oriented the same way. That’s it.”
Is it as simple as that, do you think?  I’m not sure I know what my necessities are.

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