Hey there!  I’m Charlotte.  I sew, I bake, and use far too many compound adjectives (and commas. . .and parenthetical asides).  When I’m not here––writing about sewing, consumption, creativity, and the maker’s community––I’m outside sewing, consuming, pretending to be creative, and attempting to make things.

Originally from New York City, I’ve been kicking around Washington, DC since 2012 (wow, time flies when you live without congressional representation).  I occupy myself thinking about sewing theory, hunting down DC’s best no-fuss cocktail, and appeasing my feline overlords.  Oh, you should meet them, lest they revolt against me:

Lilith and Helena, sleeping with my books about post-war pogroms in Poland.
Lilith and Helena, sleeping with my books about post-war pogroms in Poland.

Seam Ripped is a bit of a non-traditional sewing blog.  You probably won’t see pattern reviews here, though I might occasionally post crappy iPhone photos of my makes on my dressform.  The odds of me posting a tutorial are slim to none, but I am just self-absorbed enough to post the occasional video.  I try to limit myself to talking about sewing and things sewing-adjacent, but we’ll occasionally find ourselves far afield.

Stick around, if you’d like.  I promise you’ll have a good time.  A good-enough time?  You won’t hurl your computer across the room?  Fine.  I make no guarantees.

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