and lobster makes two

I’ve been really good about sewing output recently.  For serious.  I average about 2-3 yards per dress and have made four dresses, two dress muslins, a blouse muslin, and a skirt muslin in the past month.  Not half bad.  (These are totally monthly updates now, which is more than half bad, but I say we just overlook that.)

June Output, sans muslins: four dresses, ~11 yards.
June Intake, sans lining and muslin: 6.5 yards

Can we say victory?  No?  Fine.

I’ve been trying to curb my fabric spending while I save for a new sewing machine.  I know that I’m too far gone to actually give up cold turkey, but I do think I need a step-down approach.  I’ve been over to the fabric stores on 39th Street, which is basically a methadone clinic on every level.  My beloved Paron has moved there (and is not included in this assessment).  Baby Jesus.  It is a truly overwhelming experience.  I used to think that Metro Textiles was a bit cramped and overflowing.  Uh, no.  I left after two days longing for Metro’s organization.  I only bought from one place, It’s a Material World.

Peter over at Male Pattern Boldness noted that this print is still available two years later, and I had to snap it up.  Cathy looked fantastic in it.

Ascher Rose Print

I feel that if Cathy likes something, it must be good.   Also, I totally own an iron, but this was just out of the wash.

I had a big wheely-trolley thing from work and couldn’t navigate the labyrinthine aisles at Material World.  God, that makes it sound almost glamorous.  More like: I was deathly afraid of being crushed by fabric or beaten up by one of the bargain-seeking grannies because of my schlepper wheely.  All was well, I found the fabric easily, I wasn’t asphyxiated, and a man who gave off boss vibes waited on me.  I got 3.5 yards for $17.50.  The boss man’s guest joked with me, everyone was in a good mood and all ended wonderfully.  The end.

I went in today, unburdened by mah wheels, because I thought I’d be able to find some interesting fabrics on a dig.  On my first visit, I thought that there seemed to be really lovely florals and some Ascher to be had.  I suppose there were, but the sales associate kind of followed a bit too close for my taste.  This is a store where if you are anywhere but clear across the room, you are a lover’s distance from the customer.  I decided to choose the first fabric that really jumped out at me (lobsters!) and flee.

Lobster Print Voile

The clerk told me that only chiffons were five dollars a yard and that this cotton was six.  Um, signs and precedent and oh whatever.  Sigh.  I forked over my card and, oddly, the charge only rang up as $4.77 a yard, for a grand total of $14.80 charge.  Wow.  Three yards of voile and a trip straight out the door.  Huzzah!

There’s no cutting table and they seem to be pretty exact about their yardage.  Kashi at Metro doesn’t have a cutting table, he has this big stick-thing (technical term) and he plops the bolt onto it and cuts evenly with at least a little extra.  Do with that what you will.

The stash check-in turned into a review.  Oy.  That was totally interesting for everyone.  Intrigue and mystery and new horizons explored.  No, it was actually boring as dirt and further evidence that I am basically sixty.  Hey, it’s something.  Moral of the story: I think Material World and I are kind of done for now.  I might stick to the greener pastures of labelled bolts and knowledgable sales associates.  Not before I pop into A&K.