checking in

by Charlotte

an actual conversation from my house today:

Me, knitting: Do you know the rats in the park on M Street?  The ones that look like they belong in a Disney movie?

S: Yes.

Me: I feel like I should make them outfits or something.

S: You should; that would be awesome.  What would they be?

Me: I don’t know, I suppose monkey grinders or something.  Wait, that didn’t come out right.  I meant organ-grinding monkeys.

S: Monkey grinders does sound weird.

Me: I wonder what it would be.  Either someone processing monkeys or, perhaps, a band of monkeys who start a new hip-hop dance craze.

Somebody get dear S. a medal for her patience.  The moral/s of the story: I’ve taken up knitting (holla!), I am so tired that all I can talk about is monkeys, specifically Monkey Channing Tatum and Monkey Magic Mike. Because of the storm my last midterm (a paper) was moved to today and I’m plum ready to faint.  By “faint” I mean knit and watch Downton Abbey.  More tomorrow, hopefully.