stuff i did while i wasn’t here

I washed a lot of silk.  I hung some of the yardage on the back of my bedroom door and some bits got stranded.  Then I used a plastic J. Crew shoe bag on the edge of the door prevent damage.  Who said I wasn’t an absolute MacGyver gangster?  Oh, yes, that would be everyone.

This photo was taken because my mum disapproved of the cardigan in the first post.  I’ve long since given up on pleasing her.  The silk was incidentally in the background and what’s better than a visual aid?  Also, I screen-capped it because I find the “Is this Charlotte Witherspoon?” bit to be endlessly amusing.  I really don’t want to know what that says about me.

I voted.  I put the sticker on my computer because it was getting fuzzies from my coat.  Then I put the knitting next to it because I was actually trying to photograph the knitting on the only undistracting background I own.  Then we got this weird photograph.  My people won.  (All that middle backstory was totally necessary.)  I’m thrilled, but sometimes I feel like we forget that you can be happy about winning without being happy that someone else lost, you know?  You don’t know?  That’s fine, reader.

I took up knitting as my stress-busting hobby.  I don’t know if I’m knitting or purling and I’m not quite sure it’s supposed to look like this.  Whatever, man.  (Yes, it is a middle-of-the-night photograph.  Nothing but the best for you, of course.)

Also, I think I got overzealous with the casting on and am actually making a really small afghan rather than a really large scarf.  Halp!  I’m considering getting some sort of diagnostic am-I-frakking-this-up knitting consultation.  Mostly because the above is four days’ worth of work.  I know.

More later, I think.  Hopefully with some sewing, once I get my iron in the mail.  (I took it home with me for Columbus weekend because I only have good ideas.)  Please forgive the typos, I require sleep.

1 thought on “stuff i did while i wasn’t here”

  1. I think it is beautiful. Keep up the great work. Also, the dress is quite lovely. You kinda looked spooked in the photo.

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