is there a twelve-step for silk addiction?

Metro Textiles strikes again, and I have almost no idea what I’ll do with the whole haul of it.  Well, I do, but I’m always mortally afraid of ​not having enough fabric for any given application.  I also scarcely own any lining fabric.  Whoops.  I have to go back out on Monday (my aunt messed up one of her fabrics), so hopefully I’ll rectify the lining situation.

I feel like I go through fabric stages.  I buy tons of fabrics for shirt dresses, then retro fit-and-flares, then cropped trousers, then jackets.  I need to branch out.  Then I start thinking, “How many shirt dresses can I possibly own?”  Then I descend into a spiral of self-doubt.  It never ends well, reader.

I wasn’t sure about the fabric on the bottom.  Then Kashi told me to hold it up to myself like a dress.  He took a picture.  What do you know, it worked!  Excellent salesman, him.​


​Hmph.  It feels like I bought much more fabric than this.  I also got an extra yard of a fabric I already have (an orange and green Milly silk print) so that I could eek out a dress if I want to.

I think I might look like a middle-aged suburban secretary (not administrative assistant) in the lower navy-and-black fabric.  Who says that’s a bad thing?  Did you watch Project Runway?  No stylish women wear navy or chiffon.

I’m off to breathe deeply into a paper bag and try to launder some silk.  I own more silk than I do cotton, yet I’m deathly afraid of touching it.  I just need to remind myself that dry-cleaning is so terribly bad for the environment and aren’t I as granola as granola can be (no, otherwise I would have thrifted all of the above).  Then I think of water spots, shrinkage, loss of hand, the horrors!​  Let’s end on that up note.

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