on a jet plane

Mark your calendars, ladies and gents​.  I’m taking this dog and pony show to WordPress on 26 August.  A little birdie told me that things are as sucky on the reader end as they have been in the editing interface, and Aretha does not appreciate that level of inconvenience.  New digs shall be located at seamrippedblog.wordpress.com.  I’m still trying to figure out if I consider WordPress to be The Man (not to be confused with Da Man), but hey.

Onward to fabric-related things.  Do you know when people consume large quantities of drugs then wake up with a random tattoo and possibly some sort of water-borne disease?  I think that may be what happened to me this week.  I got paid then I made it rain like, um, someone who does that.  I’m sharing because I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my fabric.  I’ll take a cue from Mimi and just say that I am going to be inspired by my fabric.  That’s it; inspired.  Also I sort of secretly hope that you’ll get inspired and go buy some of it.  Y’all, things are not looking too rosy in my dear old District.  I wish there were something I could do besides buying fabric.

Onward!  I spent my whole summer doing a (fabulous) internship where all I got to do was handle fabric.  Specifically, really luscious, high-quality fabric.  Then I would proceed to get paid in fabric.  So I would go in thinking that I would buy, say, wool for a jacket.  Then I’d spend two days touching nothing but exquisite cashmere double cloth coating.  Then I would die.  I think I got this fabric specifically so that I could mortify my mother:

This is organza and the pattern is actually woven raffia.  I know, right?  My mama hates it, my cats want to eat it, it refuses to fold so I’ve had to keep it rolled up and in a shipping tube.  It’s the fabric hellion of the lot.  I’ve never seen anything like it and knew that I would regret not getting it.​  Original plan was some sort of shirt dress with a full skirt and no buttons.  Now I don’t know.  I just keep staring at it.  I think it stares back.

Do you notice that you buy different colors in fabric than you do in ready-to-wear?  I hate orange with my skin tone, but I buy so much orange fabric it hurts.  Is it because designers unload their orange fabrics to stores; therefore, I don’t have to see very much orange ready-made clothing, but encounter gobs of beautiful orange fabrics?  Maybe?

Want to hear a stalky story?  I was reading the lovely Bimble and Pimble and she was showing fabric photographs from her trip to New York.  I saw this, it saw me, the rest is history.  Also, Bimble and Pimble does roller derby, which means that she has likely elbowed someone in the throat (or at least wears a badass helmet and skates).  If that doesn’t say fabulous taste, then I don’t know what does.​

I have no earthly idea what I’ll do with it, though.

Meg at Mood Fabrics had mentioned in a blogpost (or maybe in one of those Mood emails?) that she was going to make a pair of brocade trousers.  I fell in love with the idea.  Then she made them.  Then I went absolutely wild about it.  I got the last bit on a particular bolt and am just shy of 1.5 yards of this.  Does that translate into a killer pair of brocade crops or absolute disappointment?

When I saw this fabric on the website, I wasn’t sure what to think of it.  I remember it from the OdlR runway.  I remember loving its application (it was a skirt with a weird ombre effect grading from violet to the above).  I just didn’t love it as a fabric.  It is listed simply as a silk blend, and mama don’t buy no poly.  Then I found it on the bolt in the warehouse.  It’s not silk and poly but wool and silk Mikado.  The background isn’t cream but the palest jade color.  It shall be a dress.  (Sensing a theme?)  I just don’t know what kind.

So here’s what drew me to this silk: the bright green bits are woven onto the base while the navy and pale blue are printed on top.  I found it so cool.  Shirtdress with buttons on top and a plain full skirt on the bottom.  Short-ish sleeves.  I only just realized that his would require me to a) launder silk and b) match a plaid.  (One day we will talk about my mortal fear of laundering silk after, of all things, a rayon incident.)​

Jacket lined with organza.  Boring, right?  Well, sort of not.  I didn’t know what to make of this boucle until I saw it up close.  It’s mostly wool with this really interesting polka-dotted poly mesh ribbon woven through.  It’s going to be a beast to cut, I sense.

So that’s basically what I got at work this summer, save for three yards of navy cashmere suiting that’s destined to be a hacking jacket.  Twas an amazing experience, and I’ll be sure to think of it every time I wear whatever I make out of this stuff.

Let me know if you find fabric-sharing obnoxious.  I love it when other people do it (for I am nosy and stalkerish and will totally go buy what you bought), but understand how it could be considered a bit. . .much.  On Monday I shall show you my Metro haul and then I shall vow to never buy fabric again (or not buy fabric until I make at least [insert a ridiculous number here] garments).​  I’m not a big stasher, so this influx of material is giving me hives.

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