in which people who aren’t my mother read my blog

by Charlotte

So the light around these parts has been kind of dark and gloomy this week.  Despite my best efforts to photograph my makes, everything looks really sad.  However, Aretha has been super productive.  (Three UFOs down, two more to go.  What, what!)  Sonja from Ginger Makes tagged me in one of those awards-type things, so we can have a fun post while the sun decides whether or not it wants to come out.  (Ahoy, people who have come from Ginger Makes!  Unfortunately, it all goes downhill from here!)




Per the rules of the award, I have to share seven things that you might not know about me.

1. I am an oversharer.  If you stick around here long enough you will pretty much know everything about me.  Also, since my full name is attached to this website, so will everyone else.

2. Oh, this one might be interesting: I left high school early to traipse about and find myself.  I took distance learning university courses at a fancypants school in the interim.  I do not recommend doing this, as reintegrating into regular old life is. . .hard.  Also, I’m three years older than everyone else at uni.  Pleasant!

3. I watch The Golden Girls and can pretty much recite entire episodes of the show.  However, as of right this instant I have no idea where I put my keys or my wallet.  I totally cultivate the right major life skills.

4. I sew through pins.  Not all of the time, but enough of the time for it to be shameful.  (But it’s so easy to forget.)

5. My mum and I are close.  Like, Grey Gardens close.  However, instead of living in the Hamptons we’d live in Northeast Harbor, Maine and instead of having film crews come in and expose the squalor we’d just have YouTube videos of us talking to our cats and raccoons.  You have to admit, Little Edie was quite chic.  (I’m kidding.  Kind of.  Mostly.  Whatever, reader.)

6. I get rull Southern, rull quickly.  Too bad I’m from New York.  Seriously, I get accents on a layover and completely Madonna out after five minutes of Downton Abbey.  When I’m upset the Southern just escapes.  It’s not regionally specific Southern but rather an amalgamation of every Southern accent I’ve ever heard.  Be amused.

7. I like psychics, but I’ll tell you a story about that in the post after this one.  Hopefully, that’ll be tomorrow.

8. Oh, bonus one that I just remembered: I’ve had the Salt n’ Pepa song “Push It” stuck in my head for something like six years.  I am not joking.  A professor in my American Protest Literature class used it as an assignment and sang a few chords and I’ve been cursed ever since.  Undo this, universe!

Now, the rules for this sort of thing requires me to tag people.  However, I’d rather not skip over someone who reads this and would like to do it or tag someone who is just not in the mood, so tag yourselves freely!  For serious.  Even if you don’t have a blog.  I don’t quite know how that would work.  Do you want to send me an email with random facts about yourself?  Would that be weird?  Yes.  Let’s do it!