a treatise on expectations and other, well, stuff

It’s Saturday night and I’m in the library embarrassingly trying to stifle my mouthings-along to Nina Simone.  Whatever, nerds.  I skipped out on the LOC Book Festival because I’ve been dog tired and just not in the mood for crowds and lines and the promise of rain.  Slackery actually meant I had time to do things like comment on blogs and do tech upkeep.  (Randomly, does anybody favor an email client that isn’t Mac’s Mail or Thunderbird?  Both are compromising my will to live in a very real way.  Yet, I can’t quit them because I’m too lazy to delete my own junk mail.)  I’ve even ventured out into the wild for food instead of trying to action something out of my half-dead leeks and mountains of pasta.  Highly recommend the lot of it.

A couple of nights ago I was talking to my roommates about stuff.  Spanx and corsets and that sort of thing.  Anyway, I mentioned that in the sewing community, I feel that there has been a rash of people making corsets.  My roommate Jenni snickered at “the sewing community.”  Y’all, it’s true.  There is a sewing community and it’s awesome.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been at this new school for almost a month and I still haven’t made any sort of meaningful connection with anyone or anything (which is so very unusual for me) (but it’s totally fine, I’m just using it as a basis for conjecture), I’ve been awed by the depth and breadth of the online sewing community.  (That was the longest sentence ever.  We’ve also hit this evening’s parentheses ceiling.  Thanks for playing along, ladies and gentlemen.)  It’s so funny how the importance of physical distance diminishes when you share something with another person.

I bring this up because I’ve been thinking about the whole “lost blogger” business.

MPB did an excellent post on lost bloggers—Selfish Seamstress is lost?  Huh?  I had to stop reading because Aretha does not do a partial feed, but I’m still saddened—and wondering about the exact relationship between blogger and reader.  Blogs and the online community obviously forge friendships and business relationships, but  how do we define the most basic and common connection?  Specifically, what are reasonable blogger-reader expectations?  Someone in the comments section at MPB likened it to celebrities and fans.  I disagree, actually.  Not everyone is exchanging friendship bracelets, but there’s not the same distance.  It’s an odd gray area.  I suppose maintaining a healthy connection is about landing on the right side of the line between claiming real ownership over someone’s life and presence and just feeling an investment in it.  All that considered, do we owe each other anything as bloggers and readers and members of a larger community (whether at its core or periphery)?  I dork out to these sorts of questions, especially when navigating such (relatively) uncharted territory.

This is what I’m doing in the library.  The thug life, I lives it.

I was going to talk about bloggery, journalism, and the tension between amateurism and authority but I’ve decided to spare you that tripe.  You’re welcome.

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