we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming

​Usually I have to talk myself out of buying RTW things, but this week, I’m tackling Project Runway.

Did you by any chance catch Road to the Runway?  That’s the special where we get to see the contestants’ audition bits and get to know each of them a bit more.  It might be my favorite part of the whole season.  For the first time ever, I don’t quite have a pick to win.  I like Ven.  I like Gunnar much better when he doesn’t talk.  I find Sonjia to be delightful.  I want to hang out with Fabio.  I think Melissa might be surprising when she steps away from the black. I want Dmitry to follow me around and say bitchy things about my life.  However, if pressed to make one thing from the audition tapes, it would be Sonjia’s fabulous trellis trousers.

I haven’t the gumption to make a pair of wide-legged trellis-print trousers.  But a pair of crops?  Yes, please!​


It looks like she used this Dwell Studio trellis print for the bottom.  As I’m not going to go all Katharine Hepburn with the silhouette, I reckon I’ll just go with a Burda crop pattern. ​


These are nice, if a bit short for my taste.


If I were slim enough of waist, these high-waisted crops would be on my sewing table this instant.​

This is just the beginning.  I’m still loving Gunnar’s floral skirt with that mustard-and-black top and white jacket.  I sense watching PR is not fantastic for my already bloated to-sew list.