one ring to rule them all

by Charlotte

It’s our blogiversary, reader.  Perhaps it’s not?  Maybe you’ve been kicking around here for six months, or a few days?  Minutes, even?  I’m not quite sure what to do with this time (or this space), but I’m beyond certain that it’s more ours than mine.  Sometimes, I feel that I owe you a bit more than you get; others, I acknowledge that maybe our silences and missteps are more telling than the actual posts.

I just feel responsible for. . .more.  I wash my hair and in my head write beautiful, moving posts about body image, scholarship and creativity, contemporary feminism and femininity, and the sewing world at large.  Then I dry my hair and leave the posts behind.  Tree, forest, etc.  Maybe that’s for other blogs to do?

Sometimes I’m a bit ashamed of my sewing.  Not just because I have so very many wadders (which is more about my shameful fitting), but rather because I occasionally have a hard time reconciling blogging with Serious Writing and sewing with Art.  (Caps!)  On the other hand, I feel such a responsibility to you, reader, and would rather not waste your time with experiments.

The other day, I was thinking about starting a second blog (because I take such excellent care of this one, of course).  Just a repository for my random thoughts, some life photos, etc.  Then I realized that would be called a journal, and is probably something that doesn’t need to be on the Internet.  Of course, you would make the difference, reader.  The reason why I stick around here, and squint and cock my head and try to figure out how to make this work in my head, is you.  I so love your writing and sewing, and want to do. . .that.  All of that. Often, I sit back with a cup of tea and flip through the evil old stat counter, just to see where y’all are from, and wonder what it must be like in Sitka, Alaska, and if you’ve ever read Yiddish Policemen’s Union.  I travel around a lot, and go to a lot of different schools, but there’s a certain loneliness I’ve been able to avoid, because of you.

Enough with the anxiety and schmaltz, now I shall offer to give you things.

The Giveaway: Whatever the hell I feel like giving you, based on our conversations or our post-giveaway emailing.

Rules: One entry per person, please.  Please do leave a way for me to contact you somewhere (anywhere), and be willing to email with me for a spell, especially if you’re blogless.  There are kinder, more charitable bloggers who will totally go through and weed out commenters who’d rather not be entered before drawing a winner.  I’m not one of them.  You comment, you’re in.  Hell, if you don’t comment, but have commented, you’re also in, because I like giving things away.  (Fine, maybe not the last sentence, but still.)  I ship anywhere in the world, but you are responsible for any duties incurred.  I’m not mailing any Fabergé eggs, so not to worry on that front.

The giveaway closes at 8pm on Sunday, 9 June and I’ll announce a winner on Monday, 10 June.  Naturally, the Random Number Generator rules them all.  I’m back home on that weekend, so your prize will likely ship the following Sunday or Monday.  No, I won’t give you the money instead.  If you are related to me, you may not enter.  (Talking to you, cats!)

So, how about you leave a comment below, telling me all about the best thing you’ve read lately (books, articles, blogs, cereal boxes, and all that jazz)?