woe is me, and other saturday afternoon concerns

I can’t make it to Brooklyn General tonight, for I have a test on Tuesday and a mountain of work to do for ye olde internship.  Sadness!  You are all welcome to have a pre-pre-meet-up a the library with me, though.  I have a gigantic bottle of water and some Wheat Thins, so it’s basically a party over here.

I leave you with this, until Tuesday:

Yeah.  This happened.  Not sure what’s my recourse.  Though “Maids and Muslins” would make an excellent title for sewing-themed period erotica or romance, yes?  Get on it, reader!

5 thoughts on “woe is me, and other saturday afternoon concerns”

  1. Poop!! You talking about NY Public Library? I’ll be in that area. I’ll bring you fresh Wheat Thins. Or some Cheez Whiz to embellish your tasty cracker snacks.
    I accidentally found a pic of myself in my worst dress while searching ‘Vogue wrap dress pattern’ in Google images once, and have been meaning to bring that up in a post. Ah, the fun of being in cyberland.
    Good luck on Tuesday.

    1. Thanks for the luck! I do love that I am in a fictional movie called “Maids and Muslins,” despite the whole “stealing photos of my face” thing. I imagine that I’m the sassy heroine who uses her stitchery skills to escape her life as a dairy maid.

      Also, I have never had Cheez Whiz, nor have I embellished my Wheat Thins. The things you teach me. If I weren’t on the Upper East Side, my gigantic backpack and I would have totally stopped by the pre-meetup. Hope y’all had (and are having) the best time!

  2. Good luck with your school work! Is that you in the dress muslin? Well, that’s why we are always encouraged to make a muslin! In fact, the more I sew, the more I realize that this is actually NOT a waste of time step. 🙂

    1. Right? I had graded/cut out those pattern pieces in August, then I proceeded to lose loads of volume around my shoulder/chest area, then I stitched that whole thing together in January and. . .wow.

      The odd thing is, I blogged about it in January and someone stole the photo of me looking dissatisfied in my muslin, and put it on a website about movies. Weird.

      I’m regrading and remeasuring so hopefully I’ll have a less, er, billowy Chantilly tout de suite.

      Thanks for the luck, Catja!

      1. LOL. I can’t believe they stole your pic! Did they at least give you credit for it? Kitty also says you can rub his paw for luck. He is busy editing the final blog for the Equinox Giveaway Draw! He is so multi-talented.

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