Elliott Berman is having 50% off of everything for this week.  I am [sigh] abstaining.  You should not.  Half. Off. Everything.  New Yorkers can even go pick up their wares in person.

Their fabric is super duper nice; Chanel and Prada and Chloé.  Plus, they ship!  To places!  Call Eugenia and ask her.

For the uninitiated, here are a few good posts about EB: Shop the Garment District, Peter at MPB, and Sew Maris.

Other PSA: Sarai Mitnick’s silk-sewing seminar!  Tomorrow!  Mood!  Be there or be square.  I’ll be working (it), so look for me in a Hazel, wielding the sign-in clipboard.  Hopefully, I can kick my crazy silk-sewing fears.

Last one: I shall reply to your comments later on today.  I had a test last night and have to finish a gigantic p-set by Friday, so, you know, ow.

16 thoughts on “PSA! PSA!”

    1. I live to serve, Shelley.

      I assume that everyone else wakes up in morning with a tingling sense that they must a) save Gotham City and b) get everything on SAY-ALE! (That was my Oprah voice.)

      See you on Saturday! Will you be wearing floral Clovers?

      1. Ooh, good idea. I’m finally finishing my Anise, but the weather went from too cold to wear it to too hot to wear it. Floral Clovers are good in any weather. We’ll see what I whip up in the next few days.
        I like your Oprah voice.

    1. MD/DC/NOVA is like the Bermuda triangle of affordable fabric, unless you’re a dance mom. It would literally cost less to take the bus up here every month to buy fabric (or just get it shipped) than it does to buy retail. (Lookin’ at you, G. Street.) Anyway, I’m basically enabling you. Do it.

      Also, I just realized I have yet to compliment your sweet Lyra. Off to do that. I suck at blogs.

      1. It totally is! I did end up ordering a few things… couldn’t resist! This place was on my list when I came to NYC, but I never got there, so major thanks for this PSA. I got some super cute printed cottons. (Hello, Missoni Laurel dress!)

        You can consider this your compliment for Lyra. I’ll run and tell her you say hello. 😉

      2. Missoni. Laurel. Dress. That’s an excellent idea. I hope you can whip it up in time for the contest; I imagine you could enter the print category. So chic.

        I want to smoosh your dog’s face. Sadly (for everyone but me), I care more about everyone’s pets than I do about their lives. Apparently, a Missoni Laurel leads me to reassess my priorities.

  1. I’m missing the silk seminar (alas!) but I hope to see you Saturday at Brooklyn General if you’re going to that!

    Thanks for the sale tip! Or rather: I’ll try to abstain, but maybe just a peek…. Tax refund fabric?

    1. So sorry about tomorrow!

      I shall definitely (hopefully) be at Brooklyn General on Saturday.

      Also, I was not going to abstain, but after looking over my favorites, I realized that they were all pink (which does not go with my skin tone). A tax refund splurge would still make you more virtuous than I am. When else would you be able to get $20/yd Chanel bouclé?

    1. Thanks, you!

      I tried commenting on your blog yesterday and it refused to let me. Perhaps my feelings about internships, small business, and the labor force were a bit incendiary and the universe was trying to stop me? Shall try again.

  2. So, um…THANKS for the tip! The site is a new discovery for me and I’ve just spent a boat-load of money picking up 6 or 7 different fabrics. “THIS GIRL” is not afraid of online fabric shopping. Seriously, I love stash building, so thank you.

    1. I am an expert enabler. You absolutely must, must, must show us what you got when the package comes. I need to live vicariously through someone, Crystal. You have great taste, so that someone should probably be you.

      I’m so glad you’ve found Elliott Berman. If you ever make it to NYC, I highly recommend stopping by. They have a really well-edited selection.

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