build a better blogger

The good news: I’ve found my Meringue (covered in cat hair), my trouser muslin, and my failed attempt at pattern drafting!

The meh news: Work has been busy (good for me, though!) and I have two exams and a twenty-plus proof problem set coming up.  Also, my building management has decided to make all of my apartment repairs at the same time and there are literally piles of stuff in the center of every room as walls get plastered and grout gets, er, grouted.

In any event, I’ll probably see you in a week.  Cool?  I think that on my About page I really have to make clear that I am not to be counted on for consistent blogging.


6 thoughts on “build a better blogger”

  1. Good luck with all your projects! I’ve been mildly amiss in my blogging, as well. But, should have some gems up there this coming week. Have you entered my giveaway yet? It’s on the blog and you have till April 7th. Feel free to drop by and check it out, if you are interested.

    1. Thanks!

      Would this be a horrible time to admit that I generally don’t enter giveaways? I know! Bad person and blogger, party of one. I like to keep the odds good for the optimists, I guess.

  2. Consistency is for chumps! Sporadic posting is for winners! (or at least it is in my head) Hope the building works finish soon!!!

    1. Is it not? I just want to say, “I’m giving y’all a gift. Just a wee surprise to keep you going. I should charge extra for that!”

      Thanks, Amanda. I hope so, too. I do have a picture of me taking a photograph of myself in the Meringue while standing on a pile of construction detritus, but I’m a lady. (Bien sûr.)

  3. I feel like, post when you want to! If you’re forcing it, it won’t be fun! (I am interested in seeing your Meringue though, so hello contradiction! Do you like the scallops? I’m afraid I’ll botch them.)

    1. I agree, actually. Then again, I have some lost bloggers in my reader (those who dropped off the face of the planet) and I feel oddly entitled to a glimpse into their sewing rooms. This makes me think I should value my healthy guilt, or reassess my unhealthy entitlement. Weird, either way.

      The scallops are finicky, I will admit. My muslin had notched-and-turned fangs, but then I found a tutorial that advised trimming—much easier! However, I got a bit too enthusiastic with the trimming in some spots. You seem infinitely more patient than I am, so I’m sure your scallops will look amazing.

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