well, this is a short one.

by Charlotte

Hey there.  I didn’t realize it’d been so long.  How you?  (Apparently only Tami Taylor can say that.  Poppycosh! ( Paprikash.))  (We really need to take away my parentheses, no?)

I’m still trying to navigate the whole changing of the size business.  Perhaps I’ll concentrate on brushing up on my basic skills—hand-sewing and the like.  Ponder.

This was totally going to be a long post, but I had an intense day at work (well, interning) and I have to spend tomorrow writing proofs, so I figured I’d pop in for a bit.  Three weeks is a long time, after all.

I’m in bed, doing a bit of this:


Claire Shaeffer’s new book, y’all.  And. . .I’m not quite sure yet.  Plus, a few swatches from ye olde internship.  I’m debating the glittery Marc Jacobs polka dot wool crepe.  Jazz pants, anyone?  It comes in three colors.


Basil is being helpful.  On top of the refrigerator.  As one does.

Okay, I am knackered and am off to read your blog and Claire Shaeffer’s sleeve-setting tutorial.  Let the good times roll.