we will become silhouettes*

by Charlotte

I have been stress shopping.  This is vastly superior to stress eating but somewhat inferior to stress posting/sewing.  I was productive when I had my Bernina rental (more on that when I have time) and when I went home for Thanksgiving (UFO seam ripping, holla!), but I haven’t had the time to really do much in these parts.  So sorry!  Even more sorry that I’m dashing this off before I go a-studyin’ and a-paper writin’ and a-readin’.  If you stop enunciating, activities become more fun and stimulating, or so my theory a-goes.

I’ve been thinking about silhouettes a lot lately.  I tend to stick to dramatically full skirts, fitted bodices, and longer hemlines.  Um, why? No seriously, I have lost any idea about why.  Maybe my mum told me I looked good in them?  Maybe I spent too much time with the New Look?  In any event, I went shopping with that outlook and found myself looking like the big top circus tent.  I did another sweep around the store and found myself grabbing things with straighter lines, just for fun.  Lo, it actually worked!

Anthropologie Skirt

(Ignore the top—I just randomly grabbed it to go with the skirt.)  (Oh, I got a haircut.  It actually is usually rather chic and jaunty and in the style of a sassy French schoolgirl, but I occasionally look like a Franciscan monk.  That, or Javier Bardem from No Country for Old Men.  Oh, to have a permamirror for coiffing.)

Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men

See!  It’s kind of chic, though.  [source]

Madewell Dress

This dress made it home with me (on sup-ah sale).  It’s rayon, and straight, and has a self-belt.  Yet, I love it.  Mummy Seam Ripped was complaining about how dark the photograph is and how little of the dress you can see and she can kiss my grits.  Ain’t no time for photoshoots here at Seam Ripped HQ.  We’ve got finals in 11 days, plus a quiz, a test, three books to read, and two papers (one of which is in Arabic) in the interim.  So, there.  (That note was just for my mother.  You needn’t care about my workload.)

Speaking of, I should wrap this up.  I’ve been thinking about how I can translate my newfound love of straighter silhouettes into my sewing.  It seems obvious, no?  Pencil skirts, sure, but mama’s not sewing no button plackets.  Or, at least, I’m not totally sure I’ve the patience for sewing a long button placket.  Shifts and sheaths, maybe?  We shall see.  Now, I’m off to find food.

*Name that tune.  Er, band.