i just assume that no one knows what they’re doing

by Charlotte

I sew with nice fabric.  For me, it almost always costs less than ready-to-wear clothing and it just seems worth it on so many levels.  Now, with knitting, I’m not so sure.

I bought some starter yarn (Liberty Wool in aubergine) which cost $8.50 per skein.  Each skein is about 122 yards.  I’m almost done with one skein and this is what I have:

I reckon it’s about four or five inches of (horrid) stitches.  I’ve just been mindlessly knitting (not purling—or am I?) to get the hang of it.  I think I might need at least 10 skeins to make a scarf and not a potholder.  Eek!  That’s more money than I’d pay for a regular old wool scarf.  Hell, on sale you could get a really plush cashmere scarf.  Is it worth it?  Specifically, is it calming enough of a hobby?  I’m not sure.

This isn’t becoming a knitting blog.  The deal is, my sewing studio of choice (i.e. the only one in the District) has apparently been booked solid by an instructor.  So, I’ve no place to sew.  G Street Fabrics charges $15/day for machine rentals (though they do rent Berninas like fancy people).  I’m a bit torn.  This coming weekend, if the universe is good, I won’t have very much school work and I’ll have loads of time to sew.  But I’m also going home the following Wednesday.  But!  I’d love to finish some muslins and go home to sew the final products.  But!  I have to write a fairly important paper when I’m home.  And!  I should be writing a fairly important paper right now, but I’m taking an ill-advised break.  Sigh.  We’ll see how it goes, then?  Grumble, grumble, grumble, harumph.