transition postponed

​At long last, I’m in Washington.   Notably too tired to have supper at the Toki Underground (bleh).  Also bearing bad news.  I packed a suitcase separate from my moving things.  It had all of my chargers, a couple days worth of clothing, toiletries, hair stuff (I have curly hair—hair stuff is my lifeblood), jewelry, and other absolute, dire essentials.  That bag still lives in sunny New York as I totally forgot to load it into the car.  I refuse to buy a new charger on principle.  I am so, so good at life.

However!  I am not one for just delivering bad (for me, for you, for us) news.  The bag is being shipped down to me tomorrow and should be back on Monday or Tuesday. ​ Then you’ll get to a) have a move on down to WordPress, b) see my face (is that good news?  Don’t answer that.), c) see the products of my stress-sewing.  Oh yes, an actual completed garment (or more!) that’s not a muslin or train wreck.  Hell yeah!

More later.​


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