i don’t know why the belt is there, either

So much to say, so much to say.  I’m going to break it up and schedule it out.  I probably shouldn’t blather on about the whats and whys, but I am a chronic over sharer.  Want to see my alleged works in progress?  Tally ho!​

This is Simplicity 2215 in an amazing cotton I scored from Gorgeous Fabrics somewhere around the dawn of time.  It falls far better on my body than it does on Trixie, for I have narrower hips and shoulders, actual breasts, and am generally shaped differently than the dear old dress form.  Sadness.​

I can’t for the life of me figure out if the bodice is really uneven.  It is uneven in this photo, but it is also sans buttons and too tight for Trix.  Whenever I manually straighten it out, it looks fine.  I imagine that buttons have the effect of a manual tug.

Also, she’s unhemmed.  I shortened the bodice by an inch, as my muslin’s bodice was comically long, but now ​I wonder if I took it too far.  Only the hem will tell.

The real reason I put this dress on the form, other than ​to figure out why the damn zipper is having some sort of personal crisis (aren’t we all?), was to figure out the color and quantity of buttons.  I tried using quarters but found the size a bit garish.  I used dimes and they drowned in the print.  Then I pulled a button from my jar and the size and medium seemed to work.

​I think brass might just be the ticket.  The pattern calls for four buttons, but that would look absurd on my frame.  I’m thinking six or maybe five.

Now, to unpick the zipper and measure yet again.  We won’t even go into how long I’ve been working on this project, reader.  I wouldn’t be able to handle it.​

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