a room of one’s own

Oddly, I found myself searching for information on sewing and sewing machines in the New York Times archives (I know).  It is wildly interesting to get a glimpse of our views on sewing through the ages.  Short story: It was expected that you sew. . .until it wasn’t, then there was a renaissance which everyone has been heralding as brand spanking new for the past twenty years.  Fin.

I really enjoyed this article from 1907 about making a good sewing room.  The snippet preview reads as follows:

 – Part Six Second Magazine Section – Article – Print Headline: “The Solid Comfort of a Thoughtfully Planned and Thoroughly Fitted Sewing Room — Just What It Should Contain.; THE EVIL OF FACIAL GRIMACES. DRESSING AT HOUSE PARTIES. THE REFRIGERATOR PROBLEM. A SCOTCH FESTIVITY. USES OF TISSUE PAPER.”

What is the refrigerator problem, anyway?  Really, when did we stop talking about facial grimaces?  It seems that few things actually change.

I might technically be robbing the New York Times, but I’m totally unsure.  Not intentionally violating copyright, as I am a paying subscriber, support print journalism, and all that jazz.

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